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Learn the art of tap in our all ages beginner or intermediate program. Work at your own pace to learn the basics of tap dance while listening to fun upbeat music.

Creative Movement

This program will help your child in the development of movement through music. They will learn the basic steps of both ballet and jazz put together with fun music that will develop their ability to understand rhythm. Imagery is taught to help children use imagination while moving to fun music. Creative Movement is for children 2 ½ – 4 years of age.



This is a dance style dedicated to high energy fast movement to music. Dancers will learn jazz technique, flexibility, jumps and turns and group choreography while having fun to upbeat music.



Hip Hop

A high energy level class focused on teaching the fundamentals of isolation and rhythm. This style of dance is street based and no pointed toes are required. Dancers will learn to let loose, have fun and dance with expression.




The acrobatics program is dedicated to children who love to dance, but also love to do gymnastics. The two styles are united for a unique and fun experience for your child. They are to learn both the athletic style of gymnastics in combination with the artistic approach of jazz.



Our ballet program offers an understanding and foundation to the technical fundamentals of Classical Ballet. Dancers will learn the basics and also experience that ballet can be fun and danced to modern music.



This class is based on expression through artistic movement. This program will help dancers understand how emotion and expression cam be portrayed through dance with slow to medium pace music. Lyrical/contemporary requires jazz or ballet experience and begins at age 11.


If you are interested in competitive dance, you have the opportunity to experience the JDFA competition team without the 10+ hours a week of commitment. Our structure is different from traditional dance studios. Give us a try. Register for more info!

Tap Shoes


Dance Age Groups:


BCD (Babies Can Dance):
2 ½-4 years old


Mini: 4-6 year olds


Junior: 7-9 year olds


Intermediate: 10+


Teen: 13 +

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