Jump Rope For Adults
Dance Technique Mondays 5-6pm - 12 weeks $120


If you enjoy dance and prefer to be fit by doing something you love - join this class. It's all ages and the focus is on stretching and working on a variety of dance styles without having to remember any choreography.


Tabata, Stretch, Toning Classes all available. Check our schedule mid Sept for added adult programs. Personal training for child athletes: are you a figure skater, tennis player, marathon runner? We love to help athletes become the best in their trade!

 We offer personal training for kids. We focus on fun and building self confidence through activities kids enjoy! Our training sessions  challenge athletes in a different way to give them the extra edge in their sport.

For Moms


Tabata training is high intensity interval training. 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times.


Alternating strength building and cardio exercises, Tabata with Isabel is highly personalized. Everyone works at their own level so anyone, no matter their fitness level, can join in. It's intense, but fun! The small group format is both relaxed and social and will keep you coming back for more!

Research has shown this type of training to increase both aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels. One of the greatest benefits of anaerobic training is that your body keeps burning fat for 24 hours after your workout.



Toning class is an all over body conditioning session that will help firm, shape, and define your body.


Suitable for all fitness levels, toning is a great compliment to cardio workouts such as running and cycling. Toning with Isabel is highly personalized and therapeutic both physically and mentally. Build core strength, tone your body, and protect against injury. As with all Isabel's classes, everyone works at their own level so anyone, no matter their fitness level, can join in.

Wake up and Workout.

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